Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Baby is now a Toddler??

Where has the time gone? It seems like it was just yesterday that I was crying with joy that I was finally pregnant after all those years. I enjoyed every minute of my pregancy, although I can't say I liked being pregnant that much; I was always exhausted. I enjoyed the "little" things such as feeling him when he had the hiccups or watching him move around like an alien inside me! W was the miracle I had prayed for for so long. Being a mother has taught me so many things about life, about children, and about myself. The most valuable thing I have learned is patience. I have also learned that a simple, sweet smile can melt my heart like nothing else.

W shares his birthday with my Daddy. They are 52 years apart. I hope that you can see all of my joys thru the next couple of photos. I am so excited that my W is growing and learning new things, but so sad that he is no longer my "baby".

Here are 2 of my favorite guys with birthday cake #1.

Dosen't this smile melt your heart?

And take a look at these two. Don't they look like brother and sister?

And look at this grin with Birthday cake #2!

This is W's best friend D!

And what do you say about this one?? She's a mess, but so much fun!!!

Sadly, this is the only picture of me and my W on his birthday.

At the end of his birthday celebrating, he still had an amazing smile on his face! I love this little man!!


Mom gets pampering too....

Occassionaly, I get to sleep in, a day alone, or breakfast in bed.  What can I say; my boys really spoil me!! Well last Monday G had the day off and W was out of school and boy did they enjoy their "guy time".  G is really great with W; from working on the cars to helping in the house and everywhere in between.  W is a quick learner and loves being involved.  He is extremely independent just like me (hopefully that will be a good thing for him in the years to come).

W loves to be right in the middle of everything!

They made chocolate cupcakes for me (I think that it was just a good excuse for them)!!

Bows and more bows....

I have finally gotten around to taking a few more photos of some of the bows have been making.  I have really enjoyed my "down" time and getting a little more creative everyday.  These bows are for sale, I am making a lot more, and can make any using your own ribbon.  I would love to work with any of you.  I will also ship bows anywhere.

30 years later.....

and what do you have? A great man celebrating an exciting turning point with a great little man!!  G celebrated his 30th birthday on 02/16.  The only photo I got was with him and little man playing with play-doh.  They had a great time together!

Happy 30th Birthday Daddy (G)!!! We love you!!