Saturday, January 22, 2011

She's gone MIA!!!

I promise I am not MIA!! This has been one busy girl, I tell ya! I am in the process of moving. I have given up on selling my house in this horrible market and just decided to rent it out. I have a found a lovely single mom with two girls that I think are really going to love this home. On top of moving I am in the process of setting up a new blog! I mean since a new house will be in the works very soon, I need to be looking for lots of inspiration and what better way to keep a "journal" of everything I like/want in the new house than with a blog!! I'm excited myself! I'll update you all soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Baby is now a Toddler??

Where has the time gone? It seems like it was just yesterday that I was crying with joy that I was finally pregnant after all those years. I enjoyed every minute of my pregancy, although I can't say I liked being pregnant that much; I was always exhausted. I enjoyed the "little" things such as feeling him when he had the hiccups or watching him move around like an alien inside me! W was the miracle I had prayed for for so long. Being a mother has taught me so many things about life, about children, and about myself. The most valuable thing I have learned is patience. I have also learned that a simple, sweet smile can melt my heart like nothing else.

W shares his birthday with my Daddy. They are 52 years apart. I hope that you can see all of my joys thru the next couple of photos. I am so excited that my W is growing and learning new things, but so sad that he is no longer my "baby".

Here are 2 of my favorite guys with birthday cake #1.

Dosen't this smile melt your heart?

And take a look at these two. Don't they look like brother and sister?

And look at this grin with Birthday cake #2!

This is W's best friend D!

And what do you say about this one?? She's a mess, but so much fun!!!

Sadly, this is the only picture of me and my W on his birthday.

At the end of his birthday celebrating, he still had an amazing smile on his face! I love this little man!!


Mom gets pampering too....

Occassionaly, I get to sleep in, a day alone, or breakfast in bed.  What can I say; my boys really spoil me!! Well last Monday G had the day off and W was out of school and boy did they enjoy their "guy time".  G is really great with W; from working on the cars to helping in the house and everywhere in between.  W is a quick learner and loves being involved.  He is extremely independent just like me (hopefully that will be a good thing for him in the years to come).

W loves to be right in the middle of everything!

They made chocolate cupcakes for me (I think that it was just a good excuse for them)!!

Bows and more bows....

I have finally gotten around to taking a few more photos of some of the bows have been making.  I have really enjoyed my "down" time and getting a little more creative everyday.  These bows are for sale, I am making a lot more, and can make any using your own ribbon.  I would love to work with any of you.  I will also ship bows anywhere.

30 years later.....

and what do you have? A great man celebrating an exciting turning point with a great little man!!  G celebrated his 30th birthday on 02/16.  The only photo I got was with him and little man playing with play-doh.  They had a great time together!

Happy 30th Birthday Daddy (G)!!! We love you!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Brrrrrr.......It's Cold!!!!

So I'll be ther first to admit, I figured that the weatherman would once again be wrong on his predictions. I thought that it would be cold, but I never thought it would SNOW.

Garrick had to work today, but before he left he came by the bed kissed me on the cheek and said "by the way, it's snowing out there." I said "ok" in my "I'm not awake tone" and went right back to sleep. Well it wasn't much longer when I heard a little voice calling his Mommy.

This picture shows Will as he is seeing "bubbles" for the first time.

The day began with just Will and I, but it wasn't long before Daddy came home to join us.

Is that not the cutest look???

A funny Daddy making a snow angel!

And a picture of me with my 2010 snow angel himself! 

We had a great day here in LA (Lower Alabama) and I am glad that I was wrong and not the weatherman!

Monday, February 1, 2010

T minus 6 weeks and counting....

FAST!!!! I realized over the weekend that I have a busy six weeks ahead of me. I have 4, yes 4 birthdays to get ready for, an anniversary, and valentine's day. On top of that my husband's birthday is not just another birthday it's the BIG 30!! (So of course we have to celebrate!) Will and my Daddy share the same birthday (so much fun) and I personally don't think that i could have given my Daddy a better gift! The anniversary is #3 for Garrick and I and my man Nathan is having a birthday as well. Whew....I am going to be lacking creativity by the time these 6 weeks are complete, but I will enjoy every minute I have with all of these special people.

If any of my blogger friends out there have any neat ideas for the BIG 30 -please share! Of course I have been researching the web, but I haven't found anything to just jump out at me. I want something unique; something he will remember.

Well I better get started, my 6 weeks have already began!