Monday, February 1, 2010

T minus 6 weeks and counting....

FAST!!!! I realized over the weekend that I have a busy six weeks ahead of me. I have 4, yes 4 birthdays to get ready for, an anniversary, and valentine's day. On top of that my husband's birthday is not just another birthday it's the BIG 30!! (So of course we have to celebrate!) Will and my Daddy share the same birthday (so much fun) and I personally don't think that i could have given my Daddy a better gift! The anniversary is #3 for Garrick and I and my man Nathan is having a birthday as well. Whew....I am going to be lacking creativity by the time these 6 weeks are complete, but I will enjoy every minute I have with all of these special people.

If any of my blogger friends out there have any neat ideas for the BIG 30 -please share! Of course I have been researching the web, but I haven't found anything to just jump out at me. I want something unique; something he will remember.

Well I better get started, my 6 weeks have already began!

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